In the outskirts of Pécs, close to the Expo center, you will find the market area.

The market is open every Sunday from six in the morning. This market is very popular and therefore very busy. We, therefore, advise you to be there early, no later than eight o’clock.

There is paid parking which is 600 forint at the time of writing this article (about 2 euros), but access to the market is completely free.

On the market, you can see, buy and experience many different things such as

  • A flea market
  • A market with new products including a lot of textiles
  • Foods
  • Animals
  • Dining facilities. With this, you can consume local products of which Langos is our favorite.

Would you like to see how the locals do their shopping, this is highly recommended.

This restaurant in a polygonal shape (12 angular) is located on the edge of Bonyhád. Unfortunately, there is no terrace available, so you should look very carefully at the sign if they are open or closed. “Zárva” means closed and “nyitva” means open. There is an air conditioner, so no problem that there is no terrace in the summer.

Unfortunately, most Hungarian restaurants can not bake steak, a tough rag is often the result, but … at this restaurant the steak is delicious and definitely recommended. We can also recommend the burgers because they are homemade.

The service is very friendly and helpful. The menu is in Hungarian, but this is not a problem. Take a look at our page with handy Hungarian words and/or request help from the service.

The price is a bit high for Hungarian standard. It seems that the quality is continuously good because at the time of writing this article the restaurant has score 4.9 on the Google reviews of 42 people who wrote rating.

Parking is easy in front of the restaurant.

Ti-To Ételbàr

This completely new Italian restaurant located on the main street of Mecseknádasd, is very popular with both locals and tourists. A full range of Italian dishes and daily varying daily fresh desserts.

Quality is of paramount importance, it is, therefore, good to note that the owners have gained experience in Germany. The restaurant consists of the main room with open kitchen, an extra dining room and a beautiful terrace at the rear.

The service is very friendly and also speaks German and English in addition to Hungarian.

Remarkable: If you do not know that this restaurant exists, you drive past it. There is no facade advertising available.

Note: You can only pay in cash here.

la piazza mecseknádasd